The Sussex Learning Network commissioned this piece of research in 2014 with Work & Learning Opportunities.  It was undertaken at the time when new policy changes placed responsibility on schools to deliver CEIAG and provide external personal guidance without additional funding.

Whilst four years old, many of the findings remain pertinent and recommendations echo much of what has been bought into the arena since the Careers Strategy was published such as; tailored 1:1 guidance for all learners, meaningful employer encounters, upskilling and training for support staff to support CEIAG delivery, and the need for buy-in at Senior level to support Careers Education.

The Sussex Learning Network continues to have a vested interest in Careers Education and is currently supporting programmes through SLN:COP funding such as;

‘Streets Ahead’: A City-wide IAG programme which has reached over 500 young people and provides a much needed sustained, and tailored approach to personal guidance

Raising awareness of Apprenticeship routes and work-based learning across the County through assemblies, workshops and community events

Supporting alumni initiatives such as ‘Futures First’ in schools to link learners to the world of work and raise aspirations

Using LMI to support planning and inform Careers Education resources and CPD materials

Investing in online tools that support learners in exploring pathways and options that also support learners’ employability skills