Using LMI for information, advice and guidance:

Effectively using labour market information (LMI) can help provide robust and timely information, advice and guidance (IAG), helping individuals to realise their occupational aspirations and progress their careers in-line with real labour market demands. Advisers can support their IAG practice by:

  • identifying which skills are needed to support growth in their region
  • understanding which jobs are in demand and which sectors are shrinking or growing
  • informing young people about the range of opportunities available, including apprenticeships, enabling informed decisions about work and study choices.

Using LMI for strategic curriculum planning:

Increasingly, FE colleges and universities are using LMI to help inform curriculum, aligning course offers to meet the exact skills demands of local employers and industry to help ensure the pipeline of skills from education to employment. It can also help with:

  • employer engagement; forging new work experience/placement opportunities, understanding who’s hiring and growth opportunities
  • marketing and student recruitment; offering courses and qualifications matched to local employment opportunities
  • business planning and bid developments; building an evidence base of local skills demand and supply and identifying gaps and areas of growth opportunity.

For LMI reports from Emsi for specific areas, click on the pdfs on the right.

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Get Career Confident has produced a useful PowerPoint setting out how to use Labour Market Information with young people. The PowerPoint explains factors impacting LMI, understanding ‘green’ jobs and sources of LMI and how to use them. Click here to download the PowerPoint.