This project connects the School of English with local schools via an undergraduate and postgraduate student-led creative writing workshop in local classrooms to provide support and development for students in Years 9-11 who are working towards the writing assessment in GCSE examinations. Learning packs to support the activity will be developed and disseminated along with sharing best practice.

Sussex Writes and Little Green Pig (LGP) have established a joint mission ‘to provide fun, creative and excellent learning experiences for everyone – whether a young person, a customer, a volunteer, a teacher or a parent’. They also share the same core values: a belief that all young people can be writers and that it supports their learning and development; that volunteers are a core part of our joint project; that target schools, teachers and families are our essential partners; that our activities are inclusive, accessible, inspiring and delivered by those with enthusiasm, talent and commitment.

Young people recently attended the University of Sussex on 22nd June to take part in a days’ programme which offered a range of creative writing workshops and other sessions including:

Introduction to the academic essay and creative writing

Working with professional writers and experienced essayists

Building confidence for speaking out loud and sharing stories

UCAS Personal Statement Support and HE Options

Library session: Tour of and introduction to resources accessible on campus

Campus tour and Q and A session with current University students

The day was well received and feedback from learners was positive but many wished for more writing time!

I really enjoyed the day! My favourite bit was when we used objects to try and form characters and plot. I really like writing and thought it was very useful. I liked how they used different techniques for writing and different tips. I also thought the ambassadors were really kind and helpful. The only thing I thought that could have been improved was if we had more time to write things down or practise writing. However, the day was great and I’d definitely recommend it.

A teacher’s conference was also held at the June on-campus event, which created a space to share thoughts and feelings about teaching practice and curriculum and helped strengthen ties between the educational institutions. Charity partner Little Green Pig has received funding that has assisted with their projects this year and has allowed them to participate and lead the literacy workshops associated with the East Sussex Music, Glyndebourne and University of Sussex singing project, the Big Sing. The University of Sussex is now looking into doing a schools placement module and are looking at a community based creative arts residency as a volunteering module. There are also plans to write an article about creative writing as outreach and community participation

Programme Partners: University of Sussex, Little Green Pig, Beacon Academy

For further information please email our Innovation Fund Project Manager, Debra Vice-Holt