We asked one of our target schools to tell us about how they are using NCOP funding – Jenny Cole, Careers Leader at Hailsham Community College explains how students are benefiting from Work Experience, Equipment and trips to Universities.

What is your role within NCOP and how do you feel about the NCOP programme?

I am the Careers Leader at our school and coordinate the expenditure of the NCOP grant money we received, plus organise additional opportunities we are offered through NCOP.

For our school NCOP had given us opportunities to access some services we otherwise would not have been able to due to cost. This is a big positive for us, as many schools in times of reduced budgets which can restrict opportunities offered to students.

What kind of activities have you been able to run with NCOP funding and what impact have they had?

The funding has helped us in many different ways across the entire school such as:

– Work Experience Programme: We have been able to part fund work experience for Year 10 and 12 which has enabled our many NCOP eligible students to access this incredibly valuable resource which they might not be able to have done otherwise.

– Resources: We have bought new laptops for our Sixth form for use by NCOP students to access library resources and use in college for essay writing and researching.

– Motivational speakers: The funding also enabled us to pay for motivational speakers to visit the college including Kamal Hyman one of the UK’s youngest professional speakers and spoken word artist.

– Trips to universities: We have been able to fund visits to University for our Year 12 and Year 13 NCOP students who otherwise would have struggled with travel costs, especially for the more Northerly based universities.

Through NCOP central funds, we have accessed several other programmes including:

  • Participating in a programme with University of Sussex where a small cohort of our Year 12 students were involved in a research project to help them prepare skills for future research they may do at university.
  • Using the NCOP funded Youth Employability Services to support two of our Year 11 NCOP students 1:1 looking at their pathways after GCSE.

We also fully participate in the Future First NCOP funded programme and use our alumni network extensively to contribute to an ethos of success in the school.

Can you tell us a story about a student who has particularly benefited from NCOP?

So many stories of students who have benefitted! One particular student that sticks out is one who was interested in becoming a baker and had the opportunity to do work experience at a local bakery. The owner was sceptical about hosting work experience but when I visited they were so impressed that they had offered him a Saturday job and an Apprenticeship when he finishes GCSE. A really positive outcome.

For further information regarding activity taking place across our SLN:COP schools, please email our Schools Liaison Programme Manager, Fay Lofty