This project offers a new approach to raising aspirations among learners at Year 12 by engaging them with a range of non-traditional (and specifically popular) visual cultural sources. Its core activity was to introduce 20 learners from three schools to the world of popular visual culture as studied in Higher Education today, namely, graffiti, comics and untrained art.

The project team wanted to test whether using non-traditional visual sources motivates and captures the imagination of the participants and therefore supports application to tertiary level study.

Four separate events were delivered and the idea of graphic novels, comics, outsider art and graffiti was communicated to some school groups and targeted learners. Targeted level 12 learners were engaged on a thematic subject that is original and new; were presented Humanities through unconventional sources; learnt new things about visual culture and received a snapshot of University style teaching.

Programme Partners: University of Chichester, Outside In

For further information please email our Innovation Fund Project Manager, Debra Vice-Holt