GB Met (Brighton & Northbrook)

Helping learners make informed decisions about their futures

The GB MET programme targets more than 500 Level 3 students from Uni Connect within GB MET college sites across Brighton, Hove and Worthing. The team organise and deliver groups and one-to-one sessions that are sustained and progressive, and designed to increase aspiration motivation and knowledge of pathways associated with higher education and work-based learning routes. Peer mentoring is offered to students, with HE students mentoring FE students 

Creative industries are emphasised with workshops and holiday programmes also offered to schools and community groups ranging from art and design, theatre and music with the emphasis on progression through to courses and careers using industry alumni. There are also holiday programmes such as the Bronze Arts Award, enabling students to develop a basic understanding of arts practice and some knowledge of arts provision in the community. As well as this, the project also targets care-experienced students, refugees and asylum seekers, and is currently working on developing the Stand Alone Pledge for estranged young people.

From time to time, GB MET run various events and workshops, and you’ll find details of these in the Further Information panel on the right.

Partner: Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Funding source: Uni Connect

SLN contact: Lucy Jenks

Project status: Current

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