How does a project like SLN:COP capture and create interesting data from it’s pool of projects across East and West Sussex, Brighton and Hove? By working with a project such as Community21, it is possible.

As part of Community21’s SLN:COP project we are collating creative content that brings forward the learner voice. Our experience as a social design agency shows that fun, engaging and interactive tools provide focused engagement while asking challenging questions. The data is usually unconventional, but we think that’s a good thing!

Across the network we are running our ‘flat packed selfie stick’ ‘cultural probe’…..this means we send out a complete activity, instructions, selfie stick and questions that can be run with a small group of young people (with permission from their adults for filming) and ask the young people to reflect on the questions, build the selfie stick, film themselves (for 1 minute) answering the question, then upload or email the 1 minute film for publishing on the Community21 SLN:COP microsite.

Our aim is to create a sense of ownership in the young people while they think about their responses and to embrace imperfections – its not a perfect film we are looking for but the diverse local voices and stories. This ‘raw’ filming making is risky – but with guidance, offers a genuine opportunity for authenticity.

We have made contact with many groups across the project but if you would like to talk specifically about our work and input do get in touch. The content we collate will be published on the microsite, this is work in progress, as we work out across the community but will host the learner voice data, films of project workshops and activities and interactive engagement tools.

This tool and approach was co-designed with students at the University of Brighton, this is the social design model that Community21 aims to replicate wherever possible in it’s operation.

For further information please email the Project Lead, Sarah Lord