Maths in FE programme

The main focus for this academic year for the Maths in FE programme will be the development of Maths Champions who will be recruited from maths teaching staff at each of the participating colleges. The University of Brighton specialist maths team will work with them to develop their teaching skills and improve the quality of their lessons through the application of research on what makes for effective maths teaching.

Using a coaching model, the Maths Champions will identify aspects of their teaching that they would like to develop and will be supported to reach new goals through observation, coaching and training. The Maths Champions will also be working to help develop the rest of the team through training, planning, lesson observations and feedback. They will also have opportunities within their own network to communicate and share good practice as well as participate in joint online webinars to discuss and develop their practice.


Each of the six main college campuses (Hastings, Eastbourne, Crawley, Chichester, Brighton and Worthing) will have approximately two Maths Champions.

For more information, email Lucy Jenks, SLN:Uni Connect Post-16 Liaison Programme Manager.