Introducing our vital work

Through our network, we seek to create a space where anyone committed to achieving social justice through educational opportunities and initiatives can share best practice and collaborate on projects too ambitious to undertake alone.

Our membership with senior-level professionals across xx educational institutions in Sussex recognises that collaboration is the only way to effectively tackle pressing issues of exclusion, inequality, lack of progression and unrealised potential.

Since 2015, we have:

  • Attracted over £9 million in funding into Sussex ensuring it is allocated in a way that achieves maximium impact
  • Worked with more than 300 local organisations to enable funds to make a tangible difference
  • Empowered over 20,000 learners to make informed and inspiring choices about their futures 

Looking to the future, our network will continue to evolve so we can positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.

The pandemic has highlighted the important role community organisations play in supporting families and learners, so we hope to bring more on board, helping them to work together and reach people we have been unable to support before.

We will continue to work with xx schools and xx colleges and universities across Sussex to make a positive difference on the ground.

And we will continue to relentlessly pursue funding sources that can enable the kinds of groundbreaking educational initiatives that you will read about in SLN Now – that we know make a tangible difference to the lives of thousands.

Finally, we will consider ways we we can challenge government to make the educational system work better to serve the needs of Sussex’s diverse population.

By contributing our knowledge of what’s happening in our region to the national picture, we hope to achieve greater recognition throughout Westminster of the massive gaps in the current system and of the role that education can play in creating and alleviating those.

Join us, support us and collaborate with us and together let’s demonstrate what can happen when people are enabled to work together in the kinds of visionary, creative ways that we see across our region and network each day…

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