SLN research key to improving education delivery during Covid

Two SLN-commissioned reports are contributing to the creation of a pan-Sussex strategy to improve the delivery of education during the pandemic.

“We commissioned this research to examine Covid-19’s impact on education across Sussex so as to develop regional strategies to support local people to continue their education and training during the pandemic,” explains Sarah Williams, Sussex Learning Network’ Director. “Working strategically with partners from a range of sectors across Sussex is paramount to the success of this work.”

The Covid Class of 2020, and Beyond report informed a roundtable discussion with educational partners from around the region. As a result of that meeting, an advisory committee has been set up to challenge policymakers to improve funding, and to develop flexible provision and coherent careers, study and financial support for all Sussex residents. The group will also advocate for local people affected by the pandemic who will need additional opportunities and support to secure their futures.

The second report, Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown Measures on Education Provision in Sussex, featured interviews with education providers from across the region, with a view to understanding issues specific to Sussex and developing recommendations that can be shared.

Both research studies were carried out by the Institute for Employment Studies.