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New student/teacher toolkits on Climate Change and Worry

Sussex Learning Network has launched two new toolkits for students and teachers this month as part of its Role Models programme. The toolkits, two of six to be released this year, include workbooks for learners aged 14 and over, teaching resources and videos. The Climate Emergency version looks at climate change and simple actions we can take to help combat it, while the Worry toolkit offers tips and practical exercises to deal with anxiety.

SLN’s Role Model project is a peer-led mentoring programme working with students from universities and colleges in Sussex to create resources based on what they wish they’d known when they were younger for learners in secondary schools and FE colleges to use. “We remodelled the project during the first national lockdown from an in-school to an online programme,” explains Debra Vice-Holt, SLN:Uni Connect Programme Manager (Mentoring & Innovation Fund), “and the topics have been chosen from the PSHE curriculum, looking at areas of most relevance to our learners.” The resources allow teachers to support learners to undertake them individually or as part of a lesson, either online or in school/college.

These toolkits follow on from three activity books developed last year by the Role Models team: Wellbeing and Covid-19; Gender and Sexuality; and Futures, exploring future aspirations and goals.

The Role Model project is part of SLN’s commitment to support schools by continuing to deliver its programmes throughout lockdowns and providing local role models to learners.  

The new toolkits and other learning and teaching resources are available in the Resources section of this website.