Uni Connect Virtual Conference

This virtual event will consist of workshops with examples of projects, programmes, events, or activities that different partnerships have run over the past few years.

Each workshop session will be an hour long, with three running concurrently, and will be made up of three case studies around a theme - each case study will present for 10 minutes allowing 5 minutes at the end for questions. Once all the case studies have presented, breakout rooms will be used to discuss the case studies and to talk about the theme of the session.

For more details on the case studies in each workshop theme, please check out at the event website by clicking here

Please note – this event is for professionals working on the Uni Connect programme. We reserve the right to decline applications for those individuals who are not directly employed on the project.



Mar 31, 2021






Once you have decided which sessions you would like to take part in, please fill out the attendee survey by 24th March 2021 by clicking here.

You will receive an individual event program with the links to your selected workshops on 29th March 2021.