The Careers Strategy, ‘Making the most of everyone’s Skills and talents’ was published in December 2017 and sets out a long term plan to build a world class careers system that will help young people and adults to make informed decisions. Schools and colleges will use the eight Gatsby benchmarks to help develop and provide quality careers education to all.

The Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) play a central role in the new strategy, with funding being made available to begin implementing the first stage of the plan which is to develop 20 Career hubs around the country. £5 Million is being invested in the development of local careers hubs which will link together schools, colleges and universities.

Careers Hubs:

A group of between 20 and 40 schools and colleges located in the same geographic area, working with universities, other education and training providers, employers and career professionals to ensure the Gatsby Benchmarks are delivered in each school and college and that careers outcomes are improved for all young people. Schools and colleges within a Hub should have a shared vision of how they will work together to improve outcomes for the young people in their area.

Who can bid?

  • The standard model will be for Local Enterprise Partnerships and Combined Authorities to coordinate bids in partnerships with named schools and colleges
  • However, in any geography where the Local Enterprise Partnership or Combined Authority does not wish to coordinate a response, we will welcome bids from other groups of 20-40 schools and colleges who wish to come together

The bids will be assessed against:

  1. Strength of leadership and plan
  2. Need of the area*
  3. Plans for wider benefit

*The CEC have identified ‘cold spots’ in the country based on a number of indicators (such as FSM, % GCSE attainment, % NEET). It is anticipated that preference will be made to develop Hubs in cold spot areas. You can access this report below.

Success in the Careers Hubs will be measured:

  • Initially, by progress made against the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Then, evidence about impact on young people’s attributes including career readiness
  • In the longer term, by improved educational and career outcomes including destinations

Career Leads:

The second stage of the plan will be to fund 500 Bursaries for Career Leads, with every school and college expected to have one in place by the end of  2018 who will help to develop a strategy with senior leadership and ensure the whole school can deliver an effective careers programme.

It is anticipated that the new Career Leads will not be expected to hold a formal qualification, but that they will attend training, delivered through the CEC which may range from 3, 5 or 7 days. £4 Million is being invested in this strand with further guidance published in April.

Final plan and bid guidance is expected in April with Hub areas announced from July.