About the Sussex Learning Network Careers Toolkit

The Careers Toolkit is a resource for teachers and other education professionals who work with young people in Sussex. It signposts free online resources that you can use to encourage young people to explore their career options, become more self-aware, and understand the different pathways and opportunities available to them. We developed it to help you help them to make informed, well-considered decisions about their futures.

The toolkit itself is free and open for anyone to use. It includes links to websites and resources that you can use to link your curriculum areas to future careers and opportunities, to source ideas and lesson plans, and to help your students understand and explore all the available pathways and options. It also includes links to free tools for students, such as career matching, cv building and skills identification tools.

What you need to know before you use it

It’s split into two sections:

  1. Resources for teachers and tutors who are specialists in their own areas but don’t have a formal role as a ‘careers adviser’. The resources are to help you inspire students around your subject area, and to help you answer questions that might come up in the classroom around future career and study options.
  2. CPD and other resources for career educators and guidance professionals to support you in carrying out your role.

This is not a list of everything out there, it is a curated list of the best resources

Rather than overwhelm you with all of the available sites, we have chosen a few of the best – those that are relevant, from credible sources and that are kept up-to-date. We regularly review and update the content.

Start by taking a look at the guidance on using the information with young people

In the section for teachers and tutors you will find a ‘Need to Know’ section. In it are links to current government policy and statutory guidance around providing careers information, advice and guidance in education and training settings.

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In 2015 the Sussex Learning Network undertook research into the current challenges facing schools and colleges in delivering and resourcing impartial careers education and guidance. One of the key findings, drawn from 38 Sussex-based schools and colleges, was that teachers and professionals in schools have limited awareness of existing online resources and websites that are available to support learners in planning their careers and future progression pathways.

As part of the government’s Careers Inspiration agenda, teachers are not expected to give careers advice, but they should ‘know where to send pupils to for further support. …. [and] Teachers should also look for opportunities to embed inspiration into the curriculum or reinforce learning through contact with employers.’*

The Careers Toolkit promotes career-related and planning resources to teachers and professionals so that they can share or cascade this information to their learners.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and any further suggestions for content.

For further information on the toolkit or to get in touch, you can email Amanda Carroll (Independent Careers Adviser and Consultant) at a.carroll@sussexlearningnetwork.org.uk

*Careers Guidance Provision for Young People in Schools 2014 – see Frequently Asked Questions, P19-20

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