This programme aims to provide a supported environment to better understand the experiences of Refugee Background Students (RBS) and their families, and to identify new ideas and new approaches for supporting progression into Higher Education.

The project will work with RBS who are currently in HE, acting as peer researchers to engage with younger RBS (primarily in years 9-13) on their experiences of arriving in, and moving through the education system. The research will seek to identify their aspirations, how these are being met and their perceptions of the interventions and challenges faced in moving through the system.

The programme also aims to:

  • Provide positive role models to younger RBS in schools through the peer research activity
  • Form an advisory group with key staff monitoring and informing the programme
  • Produce an online resource that will support teachers and staff in schools and colleges better understand the perceptions and needs of this group
  • Disseminate findings and recommendations

Programme Partners: University of Sussex, Sanctuary on Sea, Hummingbird Project

For further information please email our Innovation Fund Project Manager, Debra Vice-Holt